Newbie to BP/might breed in future/seeking tips

Hi Folks, Im about a month into owning BPs. First one was an impulse buy. I bred Geckos for 9 years, took last 10 years off, had set a tank up, was shopping for geckos and after seeing CJ I bought him/her instead. I figured cheap, easy starter snake. I have since ordered and recieved an Albino Black Pastel from a breeder. Definitely turning up the heat on myself not to fail them. Both are currently in 29x12x12 enclosures I plan on using for the first year or so. Im dealing with 2 juvenile snakes in new environments. Any advice to assist them into a long healthy life would be greatly appreciated. For now I just want happy, healthy, handleable BPs. In a few years I may consider breeding. Baby steps. Thanks in advance for any help you may offer.

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A great article for people wanting to learn about the actual breeding process is this

After that getting some basics on genetics, asking yourself the right question when it comes to feeder source, re-homing/selling animals, housing, cost etc will be very important as well.


Much appreciated. I will definitely read that. I definitely jumped in with both feet. It will be a goid 3 years before I consider breeding. Right now Im focusing on acclimating them to their new homes and establishing proper feeding. I also need to find the balance between handling them too often and not enough. My Lesser BP seems very attentive and inquisitive. Always watching whats going on. My Abp BP has been in a ball, hiding in a log pretty much 23 hours a day. They do this whole process very slowly compared to my kid at christmas feeling I have

@nolagregg. Where did you obtain such fantastic rock hides?..

Welcome nolagregg. I am new to balls too and used to breed corns and garters. We have 8 balls now and have set up to breed, each purchase so far has been specifically bought for our clown project. So if you are thinking of breeding in the future maybe find a het morph you really like as it will keep you focused on your pairings and keep you on your toes which makes the whole hobby a lot more fun.

Another great bit of advice that was given to me was dont panic if they dont eat for a while, bps are way more finicky feeders than corns, garters or leopard geckos for that matter. Patience and research is key to this problem. We have 6 great feeders and 2 little buggers who require very specific conditions to feed.

The best advice is keep asking questions, keep researching, keep a feeding log and keep enjoying your animals.

Good luck :+1:

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My first BP (CJ)didnt eat the first time. Has eaten 3 of 4 feedings since I got him. I use a cardboard box for feeding him. I feed on sat nights. Leave em alone on sun and mon except for fresh water. Tues and wed Im off, those will be the days I handle them. My albino first attempt at feeding will be this sat. I have her her own feeding box. I made sure to buy from a breeder using thawed mice since thats what I can source

They are just epoxy or resin premade. I knew when shopping for starter tanks the BPs would only be in them for 12 to 18 months. I just looked for tanks with hides included so with the addition of driftwood and a hollow log each enclosure would have 3 hides and 3 climbs, 1 each on hot side, middle, and cool side.

The reddish one was for a bearded dragon setup in a bigbox store pet/co/mart? Came with tank liner and a few other things I kept. Gifted the hammock and vines to a friend.
The grey one was part of a turtle tank set up. Did same thing, kept tank and hide. Gave pump, filter, food etc to a friend with turtles.

It is a nice looking set up for sure