Newby from Tennessee

My brother bought me my first Ball python a couple years ago. We named him Tiberius. Love this Beautiful boy. I had wanted to get a BP for a long time. I Researched and ask a friend a lot of questions. Only problem is I want more of them and maybe start raising some babies later on. I think I am addicted LOL! :smiley:
I also have 3 Geckos as pets. All females, Genny, Helena and Jynx. I have 1 dog, Belle, 3 pet rats, Scarlett, Lacy and Sweets, 1 mouse, named Dude, 2 Horses, Lady and Little Mini pony Max. I use to raise, train and show horses. But through the years I had to sell out due to unforseen circumstances. Lady will be 24 years old in April. She is my 1st Spotted Saddle Horse I bought and Showed her most of the time. We are growing old together. They’re all my babies.


Welcome aboard…Hope to see some pictures soon. I had 4 pet rats thru out the years…Such smart and loving little creatures. I no longer keep any due to them usually not living more then 3 years…I don’t like the heart break when they pass or as I had to do with one of mine put him down by a Vet. I have two Prairie Dogs that are super attached/bonded to me…I know I’ll lose it the day they pass. Horses? Thats cool…I’ve never even rode one lol. Once again welcome aboard.


Thank you. Yes the rats don’t have a very long lifespan. I already lost one male, My
brother named him Scabbers. He was a sweetie. I raised some babies to feed my ball python. I didn’t realize they grew so fast. Being new to rat breeding. I gave them to friend that needed them. Tiberius quit eating for a while, Everyone said it was because of breeding season. He was used for breeding before I got him. He was also kept in a rack system, so I am thinking that might have something to do with it too. I keep in a 30 gal tank. When I first got him He was eating really good for about 6 months, then He quit eating for about 3 1/2 months, then started eating again. Now He has not ate since Dec. 2nd. So I am thinking
about getting a Rack System built and putting him in there and see if it would make a difference. I don’t like it when he doesn’t eat. Do you or anyone else have any suggestions?


Welcome to the community l!!! Sorry to say but the addiction only gets worse!!! Im not to far from Tennessee myself. I live in St. Louis and have been to Memphis quite a few times.


Welcome to the community! You have a great variety of animals :smiley:

Would you like to share some photos of them?

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Here are a few. LOL


Great looking animals…The dog wearing the shirt hilarious…Wow that horse I want one damn its jaja.

I had just given Lady a bath back last summer. She looks terrible in the winter. She rolls in the mud and gets nasty. I picked out a bunch of stuff in her mane and tail this morning.
Belle will be 14 this year, she is still hyper and runs around like she is a pup. She just can’t hear that well. Vet said she is developing cataracts a little bit.
Go Vols! LOL!


I’m in love with your animals @wmb1965

Especially the pony! >.<

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Lady is 14.2 hands tall. Max is 32 inches tall. He is a mini pony.


@wmb1965 they are all beautiful!

I recently became a horse mom back in July when I raffled off a snake rack and a custom logo to save a kill-pen horse. Her name is Lilith. We still haven’t been able to ride her yet, but she’s definitely come a long way. They think she was used a bronc horse and loathes tall men. She is all spoiled now though.


I had a TWH mare that was the same color. Grey Roan. She was out of Ironworks a 3 time plantation champion. I miss her. She was a very sweet mare. Lilith looks really good.

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