Newest clutch 😁

Newest clutch here!
Hatched 24th morning and 25th (early hours) :grin:
The ‘nice’ one was 24th and the ‘evil’ one was 25th.
Can you tell who’s who? :joy:
Looks like Beast Boy did take last year with Lilo!
They’re together now again :relaxed:
Looks like they both took Daddy’s white walling (cream) :smiling_face_with_tear:


I love the white walling, it looks so crisp and adds a whole new dimension to the geckos. And that is dirt or something not like a skin tag, right?

That’s the stuff he/she hatched on, it’s like perlite :grin:
The other half had been trying something new with the incubation substrate with some eggs!
It’s off now :upside_down_face:


Lol :rofl: that’s good

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You have a lion ROOAAR :lion:

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And attack :joy:

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