NFS Lineage Improvements - Link to Listings Belonging to Other Members [2329]

It would be wonderful if the NFS animals of other sellers could be linked to for lineage tracking purposes, giving sellers the ability to show animals that are related to the animal that they’re selling or breeding, without the need to use photos that don’t belong to them. It may also be important to give the owner of the NFS animals the ability to mark any relations as inaccurate, accurate, or unsure.


This is something we are working on :blush:


That’s great! Can’t wait to see it in action! Will it be possible to link past the Dam and Sire of an animal that you don’t own?


I can’t answer that just yet but I imagine eventually we could go back as far as your records allow.
It would be amazing if one day we had a lineage tree that led every Pinstripe back to the one BHB founded.


Not initially, but eventually that is the goal!


Is there an estimated time frame for the ability in NFS to transfer animals purchased through MorphMarket ? I’m looking forward to entering a couple of those.