No’s 6-10 Snake Lovin from last night 🥰

  1. D/H Tornado Sandstorm x P/D/H Tornado Sandstorm

  2. Highway x Yellowbelly

  3. Super Pastel Butter Desert Ghost x Pastel het Desert Ghost

  4. GHI Mojave x Black Pewter

  5. Leopard Clown x Volta


Curious on your biggest male?

I’ve not bred yet but plans in the future when my girls older unless i find another female older. But I also have a young male for her growing up too. There’s only 22 days between them, a while to go for that pair yet as a year this year :sweat_smile:
But my oldest boy (2, 3 in September) is 1300/1400 :sweat_smile:


Hi mate, we had a Black Pastel male who was a solid 3kg and a great breeder who was NOT Power fed which is the 1st thing idiots jump to if you don’t fit what their 3 snakes are lol
And then the opposite scale we have had 2 pairs where the males produced successful clutches at 6months old and 400g and the females were 18months old and 1200g.
They weren’t paired as such but were nxt to each other in the rack and was looking at pairing them the next year and not thinking especially the male was big enough or more importantly mature enough I put them in a tub together and the same with another pair the brother & sister of the 1st pair and put them in a tub and worked down the rack like that as I had to do something with the rack so I’d done what was needed and started putting the snakes back & sod me they were both locked ! The males were a Clown & a Pastel Clown and females were Blade het Clowns and both laid 6 beautiful eggs all of which produced stunning Bbys.
Now it’s not something we recommend and not something we have done again but we do pair males at 600-700g and aprox 12mth old & females 1500g and aprox 2yrs old but we are fortunate to have a scanner so we only pair females that are growing follicles :-).
The thing is in the wild there’s no one telling the snakes they to young or too small so if they are ready to breed which they know then they will breed but if neither one feels ready they won’t and they been doin it that way quite successfully for thousands of years :smiley:
Again on the other side we have had both males & females which we’ve tried every trick in the book but not bred until 3-4yrs old lol so basically regardless of what we think they will breed when they ready :star_struck: