Normal ‘Dinker’

Hello everyone,

Picked up this girl a couple days ago and wanted to get your opinion. She was sold to me as a normal ‘dinker’ and is about 15 years old. Her parents were two wild caught normals that were bred and then sold off. She has been bred in the past but never to try to prove anything out with her. Her color apparently changes through the year from dark to light consistently. 1st picture is when I got her. The next two are her color changing extremes she goes through. She has zero black (like a Hypo) and zero alien heads. I was just curious what do you guys think? Just a nice normal or maybe something special or perhaps a morph that already exists.


Super interesting looking very chocolate like. What did her offspring look like?


Oh I forgot to ask, I’ll try messaging the breeder and see if they have pictures.

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Do you have more pictures of her? The color change is quite dramatic.

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This is weird I hope it proves genetic

I can get more pictures of her later today, try to get some belly pictures as well.

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Yeah, I saw her and had to have her. I really hope it’s genetic as well but she should hopefully lay a good clutch next season once I beef her up some more. I’m guessing she is already 2.5k grams so fingers crossed for a large clutch.

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I talked to the breeder and he doesn’t have any pictures of her past clutches :frowning:

That’s surprising considering they sold it to you as a dinker.

Did they give you any clutch info? Number of clutches? Number of eggs? Fertility rates?

She has bred twice and produced 5-8 eggs (5 first breeding / 8 second breeding). All the babies hatched from the clutches but it was so long ago that they no longer have the pictures. They were pairing her up this year to a Pewter Scaleless Head but only a couple times because they were considering leaving ball python breeding.

Well she’s neat for sure! I would be trying to find out if she has a gene that is allelic the spotnose complex. That’s the direction I would go!

Sounds good, yeah I have a bunch of males I could throw to her but maybe the Chocolate Pastel Hypo Het DG may be the boy for her LOL :wink:

Well keep us posted I’m for sure curious to see what she throws!


Here’s an updated picture of her fresh out of shed. I’ve been looking at other morphs trying to see if she has any similarities. Do you guys think she could be a red stripe?

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I would say no for red stripe! But looks very chocolate/ sable like! But I have zero experience with red stripe.


The laterals look like red stripe but the dorsal doesn’t. I don’t think it is a chocolate because chocolate has key holes that aren’t present in this snake. However the dorsal is similar to morphs like chocolate and mahogany.

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Super chocolate does not have them. Super sable doesn’t have them either. It really looks like a spotnose complex gene if theres something there. Imo

I still don’t see them in this snake (but I could be wrong). It does seem possible that it’s a morph that’s in that complex but I’m not sure.

I probably am wrong to lol. If it was me I’m pairing her to a spotnose complex male. I can’t give a honest assessment on red stripe doesn’t look like it to me but I’ve literally only seen a couple red stripes in person. Either way if I owned her I would be intrigued enough to try and prove it out.