Normal pied? Leopard possibly?


I don’t know what others will say but I want to say Leo pied, in my opinion :grin:

Do you know the pairing?

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I don’t know the pairing unfortunately. She was given to me when her owner passed away so I’m totally clueless.

Lighting is throwing me off a bit, almost looks like a lightning pied in the first pic. In the second pic it just looks like a normal pied. So my final answer would have to be a normal pied. If you want a better guess then more clear pics in natural light would really help

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Fair enough. Shes feisty as hell so getting good clear pictures is tough lol.

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The feistiness can be attributed to not being handled much or not feeling secure enough in the enclosure. Not sure how much she’s been handled but handling her more often would really help if she isn’t already

I do handle her I’m unsure of her age or how she was treated before me. But all of my snakes are handled and she has more than adequate hides she’s content in her enclosure. She just has an attitude and typically doesn’t want to be touched much.

I’d say Normal Pied :blush:

That’s a normal pied!

Oh I’m not questioning your care for her, I’m sure you do a good job. I just mean you don’t know how she was cared for before you is all.

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Okay gotcha. Yea I’m unsure of how much handling she had. She was healthy as a horse when I got her but very shy.

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