OD goodness!

Who doesn’t love some OD?!


Does OD stay bright as they age or does it brown out like orange on a pastel?

Number 3 is gorgeous… I mean all of them are but 3s just got it going on.

I’m even gonna wager a guess of od fire pastel

Depends on genetics. Mom is quite a nice OD Calico XTreme Gene and dad is an eye popping OD Firefly YB, so i expect great things from these guys.

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Thank u! He is a Pastel OD Calico Firefly pos YB

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Way to go! No you are tempting me with ‘needing’ another project!!!

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:muscle: yes!

My guess came from colour (pastel) and the banding (fire)… What does Calico add to the mix?

And thank you for sharing those beautiful guys.


OD het pied…just a str8 up OD is what got me addicted in the first place…I named my first one CRACK…same got damn effect

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