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My emerine girl laid her first clutch last night!

Got them sitting at 84.5 right now.

One question though, how will I know if she’s going to lay more eggs? Do I just wait it out?


yeah, I don’t see her producing a ton of eggs considering tis is her first season

Ok, cool. She could lay another, so keep an eye on that. (Most likely won’t happen, though.)

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My experiences with the leopard geckos which pales in comparison to a lot on here one or two eggs is pretty standard clutch. @prestonrabe Congratulations on your first clutch!!!


appreciate that man!

You should start seeing new eggs develop in about 2 weeks. They usually only lay 3 clutches of 1-2 eggs a clutch. But there is always the exceptions to the rule. I know breeders who got up to 18 eggs in 1 season from same female. Also I would feed your females a lot of high calcium and add wax worms or roaches to regain weight .


perfect! I planned on getting some wax worms today, and thank you ill be on the look out to see if she starts to develop more eggs.

Most leos lay in pairs, though some smaller females lay singly. Older females and females that aren’t totally mature will lay fewer clutches than young, mature females. My females lay every 3-4 weeks until they are done. The number of clutches per season varies a lot. The most I’ve heard of (though I imagine others may have heard higher) was 12 clutches, so 24 eggs.

HERE is the page I used to get started on breeding leos. Make sure you candle the eggs, mark over the embryo with a sharpie, then put them back & don’t turn them thereafter.


thanks so much!


Albey used to have some amazing leopard geckos back in the day. So keep in mind some information will be very dated since Albey no longer breeds leopard geckos.


I second @mblaney. Our 3 girls laid around 28 clutches of 2 eggs each last year. They laid on a consistent cycle which my meticulous Vet tech wife kept incredible records of. Lay dates, hatch dates, pre and post lay weights of our girls. With some time and practice you will notice a behavior change like refusing food and inspecting nesting sites. My wife kept track of all of this and has it down to the hour for them.


After 2 incubator crashes, 12 bad eggs and 5 months of waiting I finally got my first ever hatchling

pairing was a sunglow x white and yellow het tremper and I have what I believe is a tremper female here. I couldn’t be more excited!


Congratulations :tada:


Congratulations :partying_face:
Oh look at that little pot belly!’ :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


thank you!

thank you! she took about 70ish days to hatch and she really absorbed that yolk