Offspring Groups - Enhancement

I’m loving the new offspring groups feature. Great job on this!

One suggestion for a tweak to the logic… Consider the logic around a clutch that slugs out. I’m trying to create a record for all clutches to provide full transparency. I have a clutch that slugged out but the logic in the offspring groups is a little off. Even though I’m showing 0 good eggs, that offspring group is still showing up in my “current” and “incubation” categories. I’d suggest adding conditional logic tied to good egg count. Check for “If good egg count > 0” before displaying a group in current or incubation. That would keep any slugged out clutches appearing only in the “all” category and not anywhere else.


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Hi @lazarwolfe, thank you very much for the feedback!

So it’s an interesting question, where should clutches that “slug out” go? We can all agree that they definitely don’t belong in incubation any longer.

But to say that slugged out clutches should only be in All is to have special logic that effectively hides them. I could see others making the argument that when they look at a season they also want to see clutches that were entirely slugs. So I’m not sure this is a clear upgrade.

Right now, if moved “out of the incubator” as they should be, they would be clutches from the current year, so they would show up in that season (YTD). They would also show up in Current since Current = Gravid + Incubator + YTD.

Okay that’s the big question. Now to the details, one quick fix is if you want it removed from the incubator you could assign a DOB on when you discarded the eggs.

If you want to hide them from users, you can set that OG to private.

However, I agree we could maybe automagically reclassify these as well if the egg count is N bad and 0 good. I only worry that if someone only enters in a count for bad eggs, they might not realize that this removes it from the incubation tab. But on the whole this seems like an improvement.

What do you think?


@jdconstriction what do you think?


Hey John,

I like how you’re thinking about this. And definitely my intention with the suggestion is not to “hide” a slugged out clutch. To the contrary, I’m trying to be fully transparent and show everything that’s happening. To that end, I do like the idea of a slugged out clutch showing up in YTD. I agree that helps paint an accurate picture of the season. And good to know the calc on “current” and that appearing in YTD also means it would appear in current. I’m good with all of that.

My biggest concern was that the slug clutch was showing up in incubation, which of course is NOT accurate. I like the “quick fix” you suggested of assigning a birth date to move it out of that category. But I think you’ll agree that it’s probably less intuitive to do so and more of a “hack.” Many folks probably wouldn’t intuitively discover that logic on their own.

I think the longterm solution you have here of looking at the “N bad and 0 good” condition and then excluding it from Incubation but still including it in YTD is perfect. I think it’s intuitive and would represent the logic as I would expect it to play out (i.e. you’re not going to incubate 0 good eggs) but it still represents a clutch in your current season. Good call!

Thanks, John!