One of my favorites. (Venezillo sp. "Maya")

The variability is so crazy on these ones. Very happy I got them to breed I hear they like it hotter than most pods. These are found in mexico.

Eastbug LLC (founder of this pod has a good write up on them on his site here is what it says).

Another first in the hobby, this smaller species (about the size of Cubaris murina) was collected on the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico, not far from Cancún. Unlike most isopods, this species does appear to enjoy supplemental heat, and the enclosure should be about 1/4 damp (with sphagnum moss) and 3/4 dry. They can be a challenge to care for and breed, but well worth the effort–what other species has that fade? They also seem to appreciate limestone, as most were found on limestone fragments in their natural environment. As this is likely an undescribed species, we aren’t quite sure what to call it, though
it may belong to the genus Venezillo and “Maya” appeared to be a fitting name.)

description credit to Eastbug LLC


The purple always gets me. I think these may be one of my favorites too. Love your post.


Amazing coloration on those. Especially the orange on the adult!