Orange Belly in Asphalt or Freeway-like Combos

I was asked by John @ MorphMarket to post this discussion. We recently hatched a clutch of snakes from a freeway x super orange belly pairing. The offspring being orange belly asphalts (Orange Belly Freeways) and orange belly yellow bellies (Orange Belly Ivories). MorphMarket doesn’t recognize the orange belly asphalt as a freeway, nor does it recognize the orange belly yellow bellies as Ivories, so we had to get creative when listing them (please see the Sun Devil Reptiles store and check out the listings and the description.) MorphMarket doesn’t want us to have yellow belly in the listings as its not in the animals. Any ideas for a solution to this would be greatly appreciated.

Personal opinion here

Asphalt and Gravel, while very similar, are recognized as two distinct alleles and so their combos are, likewise, labeled differently. Which is why we call a Asphalt/YB a Freeway instead of a Highway.

From what I gather, most everyone who works with OB is of the opinion that it is separate/distinct from YB. So… Following the logic applied to Asphalt/Gravel from above, an Asphalt/OB then should not be called a Freeway because Freeway is the name for the Asphalt/YB.

As such, I would just label them on MM as being Asphalt/OD


  • We don’t allow adding trait tags for anything except what the animal is being advertised to have. While the OP has good intentions, we have all kinds of mayhem if don’t hold a hard line on this.
  • Our system does not have a way to encode multiple meanings for a single trade name. That’s why for BEL we have to break it up into several trade names here as you can see on the combos page.
  • So the best we could do is add something like Asphalt (Orange Belly) but honestly most people aren’t going to search that way.

I said it could be posted as a feature request here to see what kind of discussion it might generate. I recategorized as MorphMarket Support / Feature Request.

I believe you may be able to include freeway with a variance to orange belly. Similar to the BEL. Doing the same with the Ivory would work also.

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What about officially labeling it an Orange Belly Freeway? That would be descriptive in giving potential buyers more exact information specifying Orange Belly as separate from Yellow Belly, as there are some who look for that.