Our Geckos at T&L Reptiles!

Just a little introduction to the geckos we have here and what we’re looking at producing in the future :star_struck:
The geckos are posted in their pairs with the male at the top and female underneath.

Nitrous (Exclusively Geckos)

Cherry Bomb (Leaping Cresties)

Octane (Leaping Cresties)

Agera (The Gecko Cwtch)

Harley (no lineage, my first crestie I got in 2014)

Nismo (Kerridge Cresties) - Need to find a lovely red spot female for this fella :heart_eyes:

We post more photos on our Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as videos on TikTok!


Beautiful group you have there! I love all the spotted cresties so that last one is my favorite!


Thank you! He’s our most recent one. He fires up a brighter yellow than that but as he’s settling in I can’t take proper photos :sweat_smile:


Welcome to the community.

Agera is my favourite, but they all look cool.

Is next year going to be your first year pairing any? Who are you planning to pair first?


Welcome to the forum! Those are stunning animals! :heart_eyes:


Thank you! I am planing to pair Nitrous with Cherry Bomb, and Harley to Octane first. Agera is a bit younger so she might have to wait for the 2024 season. Both Agera and Octane have red spots so I’m excited to see how that gene shows itself in the babies!

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Do keep us informed.

I have a Gecko with red spots but I decided not too breed him ATM as id rather breed spots or patterns. Not both together and his a dalmation tricolour with red spots

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Yeah I will do. They’re mainly being paired for the tricolour aspect but the fact that they have red spots too makes it interesting to me. I only noticed the red spots about a month ago :sweat_smile:

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Welcome to our community! Beautiful little ones you have. I like them all.i think my favorite is the Cherry Bomb. Tell me, honestly asking since I haven’t had a gecko but am considering, what do you like most about the species?

@caryl I don’t know what it is. I just love them! They’re so easy to care for once you have their set up right and are lovely to handle. Also seeing the progression of your baby as s/he grows and changes colours/pattern is amazing. They’re definitely a species I recommend for beginners :heart_eyes:

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Thanks for that. I’m not exactly a beginner, got years of experience with corn snakes. I’ve had them as pets, as classroom pets, sharing them as animal ambassadors, breeding them. Watching the way they grow and change never fails to enchant me. I’ve had a few other sorts of colubrids over the years for short periods, as well as a few kinds of turtles. (Plenty of non-reptile species in my life, too.)

But I am a beginner when it comes to keeping a pet gecko. So I really do appreciate the feedback! Merci!

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Cresties are great! I could talk for ages about them.

We’ve had a few different reptiles, but Cresties were my absolute favourite. I’ve had Cresties for several years and the change is amazing. I love they fit in my hand and crawl up my arm. I would say they are fun to watch but mine stop & stare at me when I’m in the room, it’s funny.

I love the personalities they have, some are easy going, others love to jump.

The main thing that I brought me to them is the fact that they don’t have to eat insects all the time. They have cgd daily & insects 2 times a week.

The colours vary and are amazing and I love their cute faces.


I love that you’re in love with the creatures in your care! I feel the same way about my corn snakes. I wish all creatures had humans who felt this way. I wish all humans had humans who felt this way, too.
The world is a fragile, beautiful, magical place and it’s grand to find creatures who touch our hearts. Truly a blessing! :two_hearts:


I know, i wish everyone would be as ocd about care etc as me.

My husband fell in love with ball pythons so we have a full house :grin:

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I have an extreme tricolour Dal With loads of red spots too.
She was paired to a red and cream Harley Dal last year and I got some cool babies out to be fair.

Dolly on insta! :blush:

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She is lovely! :heart_eyes:

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Some hatchlings here at T&L! These are Harley x Zante




These are the parents :smile:


Nice Geckos! I like HaZa4 the most

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Thank you :heart:


Our new 50% true Halloween girl Odyssey. Has The Gecko Mafia lineage :heart_eyes: