Our male highway we think is a scaleless head! What do you think?

Hey! We have a male highway that has the scaleless head marking and is missing a few scales. It doesn’t look like a scar or anything he has been fed frozen his whole life :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: So im curious if he might just be one! Pics down below!


Check the vent scales. Scaleless Head usually has a split scale there.

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He does! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I got a steal of a deal then lol I paid 400 for him! :heart:

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Just make sure that you breed him to something that has the scaleless gene; either het or visual. So that you would be able to prove him out, just to be safe.

thank you! Do you think he looks like it though?

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Possibly…scaleless head
But my word is not really applicable in this situation because I do not breed ball pythons let alone scaleless. If someone else could give you an option, someone like @osbornereptiles or @t_h_wyman would be sources with more BP knowledge. Hope it works out for you :grin:
Sorry I can’t be more of a help to you.

I zoomed in really close and I don’t believe it is scaleless head. It looks like a lack of pigment on the scales, making it appear as if there isn’t some in random spots. I don’t see any scales missing.


Agree with Ashley.
Not a scaleless head. It has scales on its head, just faded in colour.


Sorry does not appear to be scaleless head.


100% with Ashley here.
Scaleless is exactly how the name sounds… there is a lack of scales.


I’m not seeing scaleless head either. It may have rubbed it’s head in the past leaving those slightly misfitted scales when it healed.

This animal does not appear to be a Scalelesshead. As noted, what you are seeing appears to be both a matter of pigmentation and also a minor bit of scarring from either a bad shed or head rubbing.


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I have 2 scaless heads and yours you can clearly see the scales. The lack of color is throwing you off but the scales are there. I wouldn’t say that’s a scaless head at all.

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Doesn’t look scaless head to me just lacking pigment.