Pairing a snake after she lays slugs

So I was curious if you have a female that lays all slugs would it be ok to pair her sooner then if she laid all healthy eggs? I would guess that slugs take less energy and fat to develop so would it be safe to pair that female again after a few months or should you wait the typical 8-12 months until pairing her again.

I fortunately have not have any slugs yet. I was 19/19 last year. However, I’m sure I’ll have them eventually. My guess and what I plan on doing is treating it exactly like regular fertile eggs. I try to have my females get back on food and get back up to weight. If they put the weight back on and are healthy I will try again next season. I think the bigger question is what caused it to happen. Was it due to human error? Maybe temps in the enclosure? Not enough pairings or maybe not enough fat storage. Who knows. All we can do is learn and try to get better. There will always be things that happen through no fault of our own. I start my pairings in the fall. Usually October. I’ve had clutches as early as February 5th and as last as end of July. Those females will obviously be behind the girls who laid earlier. I just keep them all and if I have to pair those females later in rotation that’s fine.


Good response! I was thinking about the question after I asked and thought definitely look at her weight and try to get her eating regularly again and definitely try again.

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