Pairing for clown het ghost

Picked up male clown het for ghost today and looking for recommendations on a good pairing for him.

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It definitely depends on what you like to look at. But definitely make sure it includes clown/het clown and ghost/het ghost


Look through the marketplace and look for combos that you like. The important thing is that you work towards combos that you enjoy and that will sell. Since he has clown in him I don’t think there’s much of anything that you can do wrong (as far as being able to sell the babies). I would get something to compliment the male. In that case I would get a heterozygous or homozygous clown female. If you want to get ghost in the hatchlings get a het ghost or ghost (I would recommend ghost to avoid poss hets). I would also add in 1-3 dominant traits that you like (banana, pastel, enchi, leopard, pinstripe, spider, any other dominant trait). So for the sake of example say you really like leopard and pinstripe and you decide to get a visual ghost female. Then you might get a het clown ghost leopard pinstripe female. If you really wanted to you could get a visual recessive morph in the female to get nonvisual het offspring (increase demand, value, and can produce visuals in the second generation). To find the morphs that you like and if they are dominant or recessive you can use this morph list. If you want to calculate which offspring you’re going to get from a pairing you can use this morph calculator.

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