Panda pied ball pythons?

Hello! I’m a new breeder from Montana, USA. I was wondering if it’s possible to produce panda pied through the combo Super cinnamon pied? I know the usual combo is black pastel pied, but I’m wondering since they have similar coloration and cinnamon is a darkening gene, could it create the same outcome?

I’m not very experienced, but I do think I’ve heard Kevin McCurley say that making a Super Cinnamon causes linked health problems.

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Most of the super cinnamon pieds I’ve seen have either been solid white, or close to it, with very little black. So the short answer is yes, you can produce “pandas” with a super cinny, but they likely won’t look the same as super black pastels. Solid white super cinny pieds don’t typically sell for as much as a black and white panda on MM either.

These days a lot of people are going for sumas (super mahogany) instead. In case you weren’t aware, the 8ball combos had a risk of kinking and duckbill, but sumas don’t have those deformities. They’re a bit more dark brown than black, but you can add darker genes to them.


This is exactly what I would recommend. Super black pastel/cinnamon causes health problems. Super mahogany has no health problems and looks the same.


I didn’t know this. Thank you for the information!