Paradox morph?

Hi there. I’m new to this community and looking for some advice.

Are the marking on this corn evidence that it is a Paradox morph?

Many thanks!!


Hard to see for sure what I’m looking at. What morph is the snake? Could you post a few more pictures of the snake, including full body shots? And ideally in natural light.


Hi there. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my post. It’s actually a snake I’m considering buying but having a read about the paradox morph it would be a shot in the dark to breed offspring exhibiting the same morph??
The following image does not contain sellers details. I hope I’m not breaking protocol!

Many thanks


Are you asking if it’s a paradox/chimera, like what we see in ball pythons and other animals/snakes? Or are you asking if it behaves like the “paradox” albino/snow in sand boas (in quotations because I’m not sure if the gene in sand boas would be considered a true paradox or not. still new to that species)?

If the former, I believe those are random genetic flukes that happen sometimes and wouldn’t be able to be recreated by breeding. But I could be wrong.


Looking at the listed genetics on that animal, I’d question whether or not it’s actually paradox at all. Not only that, the listed genes are incorrect. Motley & Stripe are allelic, so the animal is merely het for both and will pass on one or the other.

Paradox isn’t a morph in and of itself, I suggest you read more about it on the Morphpedia. Basically, breeding two paradoxes together will not make more.


You’re not. It’s permissible to share photos from ads here.

Totally on point. Apart from the ad’s confusion about the animal’s staus on the het Motley/het Stripe point, I don’t see any obvious indications of paradoxing. Irregular markings aren’t considered Paradox in corns. Motley, Stripe, & Tessera are each capable of producing some funky things. In corns, Paradox usually refers to random red scales on an Anery, black on an Amel, or either on a Snow. And in any case, it’s not genetically reproducible.

PS - Welcome to the community, @selkie17 !


Thank you everyone for taking the time to respond! I definitely have LOTS to learn :joy::joy:. But it’s great to know the community is there to keep me right!!! Thank you!


We all had to start somewhere, and we’re all still learning ourselves! The MRC is a great place to turn to if you’re ever needing more knowledge, there’s always someone here willing to help. :slightly_smiling_face: