Part of her coloration, or something concerning?

I’m a new colubrid snake owner and I just want to make sure our gal is okay! This looked odd in comparison to our pythons bellies but…i’m not as familiar with other species. Does this look like scale rot or anything I should see a vet about?

She’s a Motley Jungle Cornsnake / California Kingsnake hybrid! she hatched at the end of 2022 so i’m guessing 5-6 months old, but she’s about 16g!


While I’m not well versed in hybrids, it looks like totally normal belly speckling/color bleed to me.


I agree. Corns can have lots of freckles & speckles, as well as color bleed/suffusion. The only thing that looks a bit unusual to me is the depth of red/orange in the center but it doesn’t look unhealthy. It’s just different from what I’ve seen in corns. I’m presuming that’s due to hybrid characteristics.

Btw, welcome to the hobby!


I’m thinking it’s just funky coloration. But take a close look at the edges of the scales - as long as they’re not jagged, you’re good.