Pastel unknown?

I have a female I just picked up and could use some help Identifying her morph. The person kept her as a pet with little knowledge of morphs. She said something about her being a lemon drop, but I think that is highly unlikely. She looks almost like a bengal with pastel but I am not knowledgeable enough.


Looks like a banded pastel… the banding isn’t necessarily genetic though.


Is there possibility of an Enchi pastel. I found a few listings at the same size as she is of Enchi pastels and they are almost identical. Correct me if I am incorrect though. I appreciate the response!


To me her eye bands don’t look like enchi… They usually have a band that goes from thin to thick.

Super pastel Enchi for reference.


Looks like Enchi to me. The pastel is less obvious to me but it’s my understanding that they can darken with age. I’m not an expert though so take my input with a grain of salt.

I’m with @steelserpents I don’t see Enchi. I’ve never produced a pastel enchi that a fully purple head. They all have the typical pastel enchi ‘clover leaf’ purple head stamp like the pastel enchi in the screenshot from the marketplace. There is also none of the Enchi Orange that I expect from that combo


So would you go with the banded pastel then? I appreciate the comment!

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Definitely just a banded pastel with what I can see. The whole range of color is 100% single gene pastel. A natural light picture would help.

If those bands are genetic, you’ll probably get some neat pastel combos out of it. More likely though, the bands will be polygenetic and you’ll lose them in the first pairing. It’s not a really bright pastel but it is clean. Pair it, see what happens, keep the best looking ones and line breed them if it looks promising.

Thank you! We will see what happens. She’s about 700 grams right now so we will see where she is at the end of the year. The person I picked her up from said she was two, but my one year old honeybee is 200 grams heavier so I’m assuming she is just a one year old.

Size and age have little in common with ball pythons. I feed my ball pythons for longevity and my 2 year olds are 6-800g. If you feed for rapid growth you can get them up to 1500-2000g at 2 years old, they just don’t live long when you do that.

That’s what I was thinking

Looks like a nice clean pastel. I’d put it with my super ghi and hope for a nice clean crazy pattern.

She’s a good add if you don’t already have a good pastel girl and you have a need.