Phoenix has arrived! 🔥

After the long long wait… (And hiding him from everyone lol)
We finally collected Phoenix today!! He’s a beautiful red Harlequin Pinstripe! Even after the long drive home he’s not fully fired his bright red self, but will update pics when I have some of him red! He’s too chill and calm :sweat_smile:
Never thought we’d get the opportunity to have him since when he became available he was snatched up instantly! Twice! Finally luck was on my side, and the perks of knowing the woman who had him, so this time and I managed to snatch him myself :four_leaf_clover:
But here he is now :heart_eyes:


He’s huge!!


Yeah I didn’t realise how big he was :sweat_smile:


I’ve been waiting for this, we’re expecting more pictures when he’s fired up. :grin: :rofl: He looks great, who are you planning to pair him to?


Haha I shall get some! He’s such a chill boy though :sweat_smile:

Raspberry being a Red Harlequin Partial Pinstripe will be the best match for him I think! :grin:


WOW! What a handsome beast!!

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Are his crest really that big?


I knew it! Congratulations his awesome, he has produced some amazing offspring. Pheonix is a well known Crestie in UK for his awesome structure, colour and offspring.

You will get some great babies :grin: will Akira be a future lady for him?

Pheonix & Berb Collab in the future would be AWESOME! A soft scale version of pheonix :heart_eyes: just imagine the cuteness


Yeah! I’ll try get some more of him today, After the car journey I didn’t want to annoy him too much as he didn’t enjoy it one bit :sweat_smile:


Thankyou, very pleased to have him! And finally met Julia in person too, lovely woman :blush:

She may be, or one of her babies from this year depending if female as ones looking Red and Cream! Defo changed my ideas on who will be staying now :sweat_smile: She’s with Naruto next year, and year after possibly Nelson as hoping to some Red Tricolour Quadstripes!

Oh they’d be so cute! And big headed! :heart_eyes:


Maybe an idea for the future :wink: Berb is going to Milkyway next year and then Rainbow Drop the possibly the year after.

Poor boy, Cresties do not like traveling! Berb still hasn’t settled in properly.

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Oooh now those I cannot wait for! :star_struck: Great choices for sure! Love Tricolours :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’ll be waiting for those! I’d love a Tricolour super soft scale! :purple_heart:

Oh bless her and it’s been a while!
You know white Walker? Well known Lily white? Well he travelled to live with nyx (she’s selling up now). But a couple days after getting to her, she went into his viv and found his tail! :weary:

Oh no that’s just typical. Snowball is Whitewalkers daughter.

Oh no, NYX have so many nice Cresties and I have no money :sob:


Still won’t fire for me. But I adore our Beefy boy either way! :rofl:


Looks like he’s trying really hard to not fire up. How old is he now? He might not fire up anymore, some Cresties get that way as they get older although I doubt he is old, just stubborn.

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He’s actually younger than I thought! He was born early 2018 :blush:
He does fire, Julia got him too. But he’s so chill here with us :weary:
My Kaneki is a pain to fire up. Give him a lady though :wink:
My oldest, around 8 still fires for me a lot.
I swear males are the pain! :woman_facepalming:t2:


Maybe it’s s red thing, Strawberry is not firing up unless it’s super dark, which means no pics :pensive:

I thought he was born about 2016, do not too far off. Maybe once he is with the ladies, then he might fire up :wink:

It might be!
Raspberry hasn’t fired since being with us! :upside_down_face:

Yeah I thought he was older consider all the ladies he’s had! And we have his son! So he had Mushu when he was about 1!
He’s a big boy so matured early.

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Easy life the male Cresties have :rofl:

Maybe it’s this time of year.

This is why I want red soft scales, they look as though they are fired up for most of the time. Will be so cool to compare

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