Picked up a collection and looking for some ID opinions

I picked up a small collection back in January. Long story short it was a 2 person breeding operation and one guy backed out. The guy that was left with the animals was the money behind the breeding and knew little about the snakes.

The first one in question was labled as a VPI Axanthic Clown. I don’t question that part but he looks a bit off color wise to the other VPI Clowns I’ve seen and his back stripe is really faded. I’ve had a few people suggest possible Fire or similar in him. Anyone see anything beyond just the two receives by any chance?

Pictures taken at different points of his shed cycle.

The second one in question is labeled as a Trick 100% Het Clown. I’m not familiar with Trick at all, and what research I’ve done seem like the amount of expression varies drastically. I think this girl is a low expression example, but Im hoping to get a more experienced opinion on her to make sure I’m not just seeing what i want to see.

Any input would be appreciated.


I’d agree with both ids. That second really looks trick to me, and you are right about the expression! You can tell from the abnormal side patterns peaking towards the dorsal on one side and elongated alien heads, circles on the dorsal are common with tricks, and overall busy look. The het clown I can’t be sure of. The top look like a axanthic clown to me. There is also a lot of difference in how much some brown out, fade darker. It could have something else but I think a fire may be even brighter then it is. I am not as sure on the clown one, just my best guess. Nice snakes!