Piebald Morph ID Help

Hello Everyone!

I have a male and female pair of Piebald het Lavender. If I remember correctly they’re from the same hatching. I question if there’s something more going on. The female has a lot of yellow surrounding her spots. The male fades from a dark in the back to light in the front with some yellow also but not as much as the female. Are they normal piebalds or not?

Thanks so much!



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Could just be a bright normal pied or a pastel but I could be wrong. If it’s a pastel it does seem strange that only the edges are bright and not the whole saddle. All pastel pieds I’ve seen are consistently bright all over the pattern

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Those are normal pieds.
Very nice examples of the morph tho, I love the pattern on your top photo, very beautiful.

Here is a pastel pied for comparison.

And here is a normal pied

As you can see some normal pieds can be a little more yellow than others.


It is a good possibility that because your pieds are het for lavender some of that is showing. Every now and then hets will somewhat “show thru” so to speak and change the color or pattern slightly. Het clown is one that is notorious for it.