PK Stripe Line Boas [Done]

Gene Request Form

Species - Boa Constrictor Imperator
Name of Gene - PK Stripe
First produced by whom - Pete Kahl
Year - 1991
Genetics Type - Recessive
In complex with other genes - no
Other names/aliases for it? - n/a
Description - PK stripe line boas have varying degrees of dorsal striping from head to tail with very reduced side patterns.
Proven - Yes (many times over since the 90’s)
Why do you believe this is a new morph and not an existing one - It’s not a new mutation. Just new to MorphMarket .
Related Genes - n/a
Any problems? - None (I’ve bred visual PK stripe x visual PK stripe and have had zero birth defects)
Any additional history? - This mutation is featured in Vin Russo’s “The More Complete Boa Constrictor”
Disagreement or Controversy - n/a
References here on the community - This is Pete Kahl’s line… enough said


@mattcookreptiles … you know the right questions to ask here :wink:


They were really popular in the middle 2000s. Idk why they sort of faded away from mainstream!

Sounds like a good project to refine then revive!


I agree. I’m surprised they’re not more widely available. I’ve seen next to nothing listed from the project since I purchased my original stock.