Plastic fumes / chemical smell in tub setup

I have a strong chemical odor coming from my ball python’s setup that is severely concerning me. I can’t tell if it is coming from his plastic tub or his plastic hides; the odor is only smelt upon opening the tub & cannot be smelt by holding either the tub or the hides to my nose. I cannot pinpoint the source.
Has anyone dealt with this before?? I previously washed the tub with water & Dawn dish soap & ran the hides through the dishwasher, air dried them all for a week, to try to avoid this. I obviously failed.

What type of tubs and hides are you using? How hot is the heat tape getting?

I have the heat mat set at 90

I identified the source of the smell; the suction cups on my Pangea digital reptile thermometers…

That will do it. I think you can soak them in hot water to help get rid of the smell

Thanks for the tip! I’ll give that a try.