Plated lizards, underrated or just meh

Armadillo lizards are pretty cool have you looked at them some are easier to find than these guys, others are way harder to find lol.


And that just summed up the entire hobby. Lol


I should also correct my original post. I originally stated that the Sudan plated lizards are from northern Africa which isn’t accurate. They actually range through central and southeast Africa more specifically I’ll show you a map of their habitat range and some information on climate


:man_facepalming: I also just noticed that there is a typo 3.5 years later… it says “they are NOT closely related to skinks” the NOT isn’t supposed to be there. They are in fact in the infraorder Scincomorpha which includes skinks and other closely related families.


Update on Juggernaut’s enclosure and a short feeding clip at the end. There is a warning before the feeding for those who want to stop the video at that point.


He’s so awesome, I love him! :heart_eyes: I first learned of the existence of plated lizards a few years ago, I think they are so freaking cool. Definitely a species I’d consider keeping if/when they become more readily available CBB. They look like a cross between a skink, a dragon, and a medieval knight in plate armor. So, so cool.

And I love that enclosure you’ve made for him, it’s really beautiful with all the wood and live plants.

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