Please help first time breeder identify

Greetings, this is our first time breeding and first clutch hatched and could really use someone with more experience help positively identify what we got, we are having a little trouble trying to identify what hatched.

Our male was a lesser possible pastel and our female was a mojave. Any help would be greatly appreciated to help us learn more, like what you are seeing to know what it is for us to look for in the future. we got 1 bel I’m sure of and a few others I think I know what they are but am still going to post them all to verify.

Also, with the bel, if the dad does turn out to have pastel in him is there a way to tell if the bel does or would it just be posily?

Thanks in advance we are so excited and can’t wait for our 2nd clutch to hatch!


I cant help with genetics but maybe @wreckroomsnakes can nice snakes though

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  1. Normal
  2. Mojave
  3. Mojave
  4. Normal
  5. Blue eyed lucy (Mojave+Lesser)
  6. Normal
  7. Mojave

I don’t see any pastels in this clutch, so chances are the dad isn’t a pastel. Mind showing the dad? Also, the best way to learn what to look for in morphs is just to look at a bunch of examples of them on MM. None of the babies are light enough to be pastel for example.


I concur with this guess. Spot on.


thanks, @ashleyraeanne and @nathan_e, the ones you said were mojave i was thinking lesser because of how light they were, especially 7, a lot of the mojave hatchlings I’ve seen looked darker to me. on the normals, is it normal to have a reddish-orange coloring on their side near the belly? the pictures don’t do justice on how colorful it looks. either way they still look amazing and am having a blast with them.

here is 2 pictures of the lesser, one on white one on black to better judge him since he looks so different on the two.

here is the mom (mojave) also just to add her


I agree those definitely look mojave to me.


thanks @saleengrinch we have a lot to learn lol with time though!


No problem and congrats on your clutch!!!


Here is the alien heads of a Mojave…


They are very consistent and very rarely appear much different from Mojave to Mojave.

Look at the size and shape of the “eye” within the alien heads. It is one big triangular shape rather than the usual two spots.

Here is a normal as reference.


@eaglereptiles thank you, that helps so much with showing what key traits to look at


The dad isn’t pastel. Baby mojaves can be very light and will darken as they age. As someone pointed out, movajes have a lot of single key holes. Lessers, however, rarely have any and very few if so. Their patterns all usually look like golf tees and the colors are more yellows where mojaves are kinda purplish.

It takes a good bit of time of studying morph identification to get the hang of it. One could almost run a 16 week course on it and still not cover everything.


thank you for the info @recessive_obsessive_exotics

I suspect the reason why the same snake looks differently colored on the white and black background is that you’re probably using the “Auto white balance” setting on your camera. If you want the snake’s color to look the same regardless of background, get an 18% gray card and measure the actual white balance with the “custom” setting on your camera, then use exactly the same light source when photographing the animal.


Beautiful clutch and congratulations! :tada:


thanks @akmorphs