Please help identifying and if it does have a deformity

Hi all.
First off, what an amazing community, generally I just lurk in the shadows.
I have always been big into animals and always had a reptile or two (generally, recovery and then relocating once healthy). However I’m still fairly new to Ball Pythons, let alone all the morphs.

A bit about the Ball Python in question, the current owner doesn’t have much information on her, as he bought her and a few others a couple months back from someone selling in a rush…I know, sounds a bit dodgy to say the very least. She has a great temperament and eats well, and for some reason has caught my attention, even with so little background on her and the apparent deformity.

Here she is, would apprectiate any information on her morph and her supposed deformity:

Thanks for all and any help.


Looks like a normal (could be het for something).

The belly looks like a scar, depending on size of her I would almost say maybe surgery from egg binding or something. Details on if its a section of belly or full belly would help or it could be a fusion type deformity during incubation. Either way it is interesting.


Just a normal.

The scar on the belly does not look clean enough to be an incision scar. My guess would be a burn scar or a scale rot scar


Thanks for the response.

She is currently at 1143g.

Will post another photo of the scarring shortly, but on inspection, it seems to start just after mid-point of her belly and then continues down. I also thought scarring at first, though very crude work and would have added to the dodgy vibe.

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Thanks for the response.

I will post another photo as to why I didn’t click that she was normal, as to the naked eye she has a much more grey look to her…not sure if the flash just enhanced the photos.

That would make sense, so overall such scarring shouldn’t have an overall impact on her health, correct?

Additional photos of her and why I had been confused (have seen very few normals in person and had looked different :sweat_smile:)

A hopefully clearer photo of the scarring…I didn’t want to turn her upside down for too long, as she didn’t seem to impressed by the idea.

Once again, thanks @unkn0vvn1221 and @t_h_wyman for your responses :grinning:


Still looks normal to me.

Belly damage certainly does not look like a surgery, notice that the nature of the injury actually traces beyond the scar as that darkened line progressing up the belly.


I agree, it looks like it shouldn’t be an issue anymore tho. They might shed weird in that area, probably be the worst of it if they are getting proper care now


Thanks again :smile:. Just goes to show I have a lot to learn :upside_down_face:, which is exciting in its own way :grin:.

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Thanks :smile:. Been checking up on this one for awhile, and the shed last week was a nice clean one.
I have a soft spot for this one, even more so seen as the current owner just sees her as a deformity and sees no value in her :disappointed_relieved:, which is a good thing for me and for her in the long run…as it means a new home for her soon

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