Please help me identify the morph Of this Leopard Gecko if Possib

Hi everyone, I'm hoping that somone could help me with identifying the morph of this Leopard Gecko gecko.

She belongs to my girlfriend and was bought as a Supper Hypo from a petshop, but I have a sneaking suspension that she might not be only a Supper Hypo or be one at all.

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From my knowledge, thats pretty much the exact opposite of a super hypo. They pretty much have zero, or near zero, spots on the body and very few on the head, tail and limbs.

I agree ive done sum research about Supper Hypo and have seen that she does not look like any Supper Hypo I’ve seen thus far.

@erie-herps ? :blush:

Super hypo is when the gecko has no spots on the body. It looks like there might be another gene at play but without lineage it should be considered a normal.

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Thank you very much I’ll let her know.

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