Please help with an Identification for a friend

Hi, Friend of mine wants advice on what morphs this is. I said i would help by making a thread here.
They gave permission.
They said it came from pastel lesser to a banana lesser. But I am not convinced about the ID of the parents.
Even with the stated parent morphs, I have my opinion on the offspring which is different to theirs, but would rather trust more experienced peoples opinions than pretend i know it all.

They were told its a super lesser + banana from a friend, I see banana and maybe lesser and pastel but not super lesser, poss super pastel.
I may be wrong but want to learn. Its not an argument between us, just two relative newbees trying to learn. Its not about whos right- we both want to learn. I said this was the best place for that and they trusted me.


Definitely isn’t a super lesser, as a super lesser would be a BEL, so all white.


It’s definitely not a super lesser, as that would make it a white snake. If the parentage is correct,
I’d guess lesser banana, possibly pastel as well. But with so many morphs out there, it could be something else.


Better clearer pics would help.
But my guess is banana lesser pastel.

Also had it had first shed? If not wait til then for pics!


Banana + lesser + Pastel + Spider. One of the parents must have had Spider.


I wondered spider but since parents weren’t one I ignored. Damn.

Parent pics?


I agree with @westridge on this one.


Thats another story/ that i agree needs to be known.
But we can only convince people so far. and one step at a time to move their position and consider they might need to learn more. Just like me or anyone.
I kept them anomalous so they could see the value of posting here to learn without being criticised,
best scenario, they will join the forums for future advice.


My guess is a banana lesser pos pastel with the given parents but I see spider in there as do a lot of other people. there is ABSOLUTELY no way it’s a super lesser as that’s a BEL and those eyes sure aren’t blue and that snake isn’t white and has pattern witch bels don’t

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Not the best pic for id. That said, count me in the group that says banana lesser pastel spider. A better pic of the head and neck area would help. Definitely a beautiful lil snake.


First, its good intellectual exercise and fun that we have explored morph options here on limited information.

OK we are all agreed about this point, its not as it was labled on morphmarket as a super lesser banana, (and still is besides my advice and linking them to this thread, for others advice the listing remains the same today as a super lesser banana.) Obviously Defiantly Not a BEL but yes its a banana + something/s
That’s the thing, besides obvious mistakes like missing a BEL is a BEL. we still cant trust all labels on morphmarket, so many unknown morphs in play these days that we and the breeders don’t know about in the parentage lines they buy.
There could have anything in it. Without a good analysis of the parents pictures and their parents info and pictures what do we know? Very little!. (unless genetic testing becomes more common and can be verified on morphmarket some how)
I am suspicious of possible spider too and others, but how can we be sure of anything these days?
Even the biggest honest breeders have a caveat in the listing for some snakes that it might have more morphs or less in it.

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