Poop question, but not the normal one…

So can BPs control their poops? As in can they choose when and where they go?

Found a long straight one laid along the rim of his hide where it would not be easy for him to be.

I know my ducks have no control, they go where they stand. It’s the reason they don’t get to be house ducks.

Blue pic for tax

And I guess a duck duck pic for reference


They go when they need too . Water bowls :scream: , along the edges of there enclosure in the corners . And you can tell when they are about to go , they will look quite swollen near there vent .


Yeah, I knew it was coming and I knew it was out. It was super hidden in a spot that would have taken some major effort to be in.

Kinda wondering along the lines of, “ can they control it enough to take it out of a regular hiding spot? Or do they even care?”


I believe when they gotta go they gotta go . They don’t really care where they go to be honest.

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Beautiful Pied by the way :snake::star_struck:


Thanks, he’s super dull in that pic(day2 in blue). This is optimal lighting after his last shed


Very nice bright !

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I just wanted to say I love ducks! And yours are freaking awesome!


I guess that’s a question that’s hard to prove.
However, anecdotally, I have two youngsters that always do it in the water bowl every time and never in the hide or else ware. Why give predators a heads up about where you are hiding (through sent) if you don’t have too? Many mammals even eat their babies poo to hide the scent from predators, and even eat the placenta for the same reason. Its not evolutionally and survivaly advantages to do otherwize.
I have heard ball pythons move hides when they smell to much of them in the wild.
Those two ball pythons of mine that only use the water bowl cant actually get in the water bowl as the bowl is too small to submerge more than the tail in, so I dont think its the water soaking helping them to go.
(I usually have bowls snakes can fully get into, but currently not for these younglings )
I would suggest they have some control and at times none, like anything.
Never seen any snake poop while eating either.