Poorly kept cresties!?

I was browsing through sales to find good deals for crested geckos when I clicked breeder add and saw that there were multiple male and female cresties sitting together in one big group and a tag that said “one or more reptile[s] not shown” so I thought that was a little odd so I asked for the specific reptile shown then I went to look at more geckos from this breeder and all of the adds say “one or more reptile[s] not shown” and one of them is very underweight and another is [I think] being kept in a VERY poorly built enclosure

i may be wrong about this person but i would like other opinions on this subject

You do understand that there is a difference between taking a group picture for an add and how someone keeps their animals?

People producing large amount of crested which are hard to photograph when young, will do group pictures or use stock photos.

Trophy type animals will usually get individual pics.

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Exactly what Deb said. Group pics are totally fine but that does not mean that is where the animals are kept. Ive seen group pics where the seller has 20 animals together but that is only temporary and you also have to think which makes more sense. 20 individual pics that will take up alot of time or just one pic?

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ok like i said i could be wrong but i was just making sure because i thought it was odd

Just sounds like your typical mass-scale, for-profit breeder.