Possible and probable gender labeling

I think that it would be great if you could label an animal as “Possible male/female” and/or “Probable male/female”, especially if it’s reflected on listings like it is when you label an animal as male or female. This would also make animal labeled male or female hold more weight, I see too many possible females labeled as female, for someone who is looking for a definite female, this becomes annoying very quickly.


Personally that seems like a very cool feature I agree I think it would be good for gendering.

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I like the idea but I think it would be too easy to abuse and use to the advantage of less honest sellers.

It being a “possible” gender is going to remove any guarantees you had in its sex and remove your right to dispute it afterwards.

Females go for much higher prices in most species, so a “pos-female” is going to be more expensive than a male or a pos-male.

You will see a lot of breeders suddenly become unable to sex males and a lot more “pos-females” popping up that turn out to be males.

In a honest world this would be a great feature


I agree :100: with @eaglereptiles . I see more abuse in this then good. If someone is unable to sex it, then it can be listed as unknown or taken to a vet to be sex. I would hate to buy something i really need, then find out that i can’t use it.


I can definitely see a possibility of abuse, but animals are labeled as possible female and possible male all the time and that’s not going to stop, at least within the crested gecko community. There’s never a guarantee and people can lie, but that’s where to take a look at the seller’s reputation to determine how much weight that holds to you.


It’s also less common to see a crestie listed as possible male, once they show any indicators of being male they’re usually are labeled that. Some new breeders are less confident and opt to label their males as possible male until they show a hemipenal bulge, which I do understand, sexing can be tricky at times, especially when you don’t have much experience.

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