Possible early signs of an URI?

I’ve noticed a vary faint almost hissing sound coming from a new retics mouth every now and then. I know for sure it isn’t just being vocal and actually hissing.
I have observed any bubbles or mucus coming from the mouth and when I looked inside I don’t think anything looked abnormal. Anyone had anything similar to this? Any tips on the situation?
Husbandry is correct and consistent.

Let’s see how this work in practise… :blush:

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Was this a typo? You have or have not? It seems like a typo in context.

Bump the humidity up for a day or two and see if it changes. The usual early warning signs are lack of appetite, ticking/rasping, laying oddly with the head tilted up, mucus, etc.

Correct, that is a typo.
@eaglereptiles, I will get back to you with all that info when I have a chance.
Thanks for your concern.

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I don’t own retics yet, but I noticed my ball pythons making similar noises a few weeks ago, and popped open their mouths. (Individually, of course!) There were small amounts of opaque saliva in the very back of their throats, and I couldn’t see anywhere further than that as I had been in the past, when I do general wellness checks. I just bumped up the humidity and it cleared up in a couple days. From my experience, probably the very beginnings of a URI, and should be easily fixed with a bit more humidity! :smile: