Possible Het Input to Morph Calculator

Indeed. That is maybe another possible use for a calculator: helping people understand that when you are dealing with poss hets, you very quickly get into really small odds of proving out.

If the gene is important to you it’s far better to get a visual, or at the very least a 100% het from someone you trust.

And 100% of the combos you want to be female are male, yup.

I know this thread is probably done, but if a recessive trait is valuable enough they will track the 25%s and such. Albino gtps were the last ones I remember seeing. So it does happen in an acceptable way, but rarely and I’ve never seen it with bps. But if you’re dealing with animals like that, you shouldn’t need a calculator to tell you what’s up.

With that said unless it’s that rare case, it would be seen as a marketing ploy and perceived as a bad thing to even list.

As far as the calc is concerned, I think it would be more clutter than useful and potentially confusing depending on the typos someone types in. I can’t see it being a good thing to put in.


I think this may be a good subject for an expert topic (cough, cough) @t_h_wyman
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Hey, I already anted in a plethora LOL