Possible Saturday Deliveries

Are there corn snake, boa, python and iguana sellers that offer saturday delivery? An extre price for it would be okay. Thank you.

With everything going on rightnow some breeders are against shipping entirely or won’t ship past Wednesday. Which is understandable Saturday is a tricky day if it’s missed or late they sit for two days. It’s not a good idea on a good day to do that. Some of the hubs are not open for pickup on Saturday either so it’d be home delivery which is added stress and some breeders require it to be held for pickup. Eliminateing one more truck or driver. It would be better to have it delivered to the hub during the day and let it sit in the temperature controled room and get it after work? Any seller that is willing to risk the animals well being for your convenience is someone not worth dealing with. I’ve yet to expierence unboxing a dead animal (knock on wood).but I’m sure it’s not something anyone wants to expierence.


I believe due to the current world events going on they are only accepting animals to be shipped mon-wed


Even in normal circumstances which this is not the case right now, shipping for saturday delivery is not recommended, if the saturday delivery is a miss because of a 24 hours delay that would mean the animal would not be delivered before Monday which obviously is problematic.

If you cannot be home during the week your best bet is having the animal held for pickup to your hub or delivered to your work.


I would never ship an animal for Saturday or even Friday delivery, for the reasons discussed above. I’ve had customers ask before and I’ve always been able to talk them out of it.

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We ship Saturday delivery so long as the customer understands there is no live arrival guarantee. Never had an issue so far with Saturday delivery. Just insanely expensive is all.

I’m just not willing to risk losing an animal, even if I didn’t lose any money.

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Fedex, ups and usps work 7 days a week in my area

USPS doesn’t ship live animals, I haven’t seen UPS ship any, so only Fedex ships live animals from what I know. And from what I have seen, no sellers are shipping outside of Mon-Wed to make sure the animals don’t get held unnecessarily. If you want Saturday delivery it would also cost a ton and you wouldn’t be guaranteed a live animal on arrival.

Yeah FedEx is the only one I know of that can ship live animals right now outside of private courier services, which are expensive but have thier place. *Last I had heard the service that ships larger snakes had been on hold I don’t know if still are but I believe they still use FedEx to move them. Correct me if I’m wrong

USPS does not ship snakes at all I think it’s lizards, turtles, and insects only. Not 100% on the rules for USPS all I know is my friend ships spiders that way. UPS does not ship any live animals any longer. If you have the certification you can ship via Delta Dash airport to airport.
Fed Ex is defacto option at this point.
Had a customer pay $126 for Saturday delivery to a hub about 2 weeks ago. Non Saturday would have been $69. He couldn’t wait so we did as we were asked.

Again it’s not advisable and only FedEx can be used to ship snakes (using USPS even for lizards would be irresponsible considering they track record an time) most breeders ship Monday through Wednesday for a reason, it’s not about whether or not they offer the service it’s about shipping responsibly when it comes to a live animals by reducing the risk of something going wrong.

Again it can be held for pickup at the hub, ship to your work or you can take a weekday of, or have someone at your home present when the packe is delivered.

And right now shipping is even riskier due to covid 19 which is why FedEx does no even guarentee on time delivery and breeders ship at their own risk.

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