Potentially adopting/rescuing an adult snake

Have come across an adult BP, approx. 10 years old, that is in need of a new home. He would be coming with his full set up, but it seems pretty basic and not really “right” as it’s an aquarium with mesh lid and not much more. He does have a heat lamp and heat mat, a therm/hydrometer, hide and some minimal clutter items

My question is, if we do bring him into our home, how should I set up his enclosure to have him comfortable as quickly as possible. IE, how do I get it up and running at temp/humidity as quickly as possible to have him in it? He would be our first, so I don’t have tubs or racks to put him in for temporary. Ultimately I will get him a properly sized PVC enclosure and set it up as a bioactive.

Also, what questions do I need to ask? I know I need to know temp/humidity he is used to, food size and frequency. Do I need to know last shed?


Set up the tank with heat… make sure there is a thermostat for all heat sources.
I would start with paper towel for substrate so you can monitor for urine and feces as well as mites or any illness. Check that animal out for scale rot or any noticeable RI signs like excess mucus or open mouth breathing.

As for humidity: You can use foil tape on the lid to cover all but the area for the overhead heat. That will help with keeping humidity in for now. Once you switch to a substrate like coco or the bioactive the humidity will be easier. A large water dish will help create humidity for now.

I like to know what they have been eating so that can be the first thing offered, but after that and depending on what it is you can adjust. I wouldn’t worry about the last shed unless you want to know.

The listing says he comes with a heat lamp and under tank pad, so you think I would be better with one than the other for first set up? I do have 2 reptile shops within a couple miles, so if he does t have a thermostat(I really hope he does) I can get one real quick

I know best practice is to have the enclosure set up and stable ahead of time, I’m just an over planner/worrier

If you have the means to set up something first then great, but they are a hardy animal and usually can adjust on the fly.


I recently rehomed a snake. I got as much information as i could. As I do always anyway.
I think it all depends where you got it from and how well it was looked after.
Mine was from a really professional rehoming specialist so I was not too worried.
She was in a huge vivarium, but I put her in an appropriate sized tub for her size with a different substrate, But obviously proper humidity and temperature gradient too. She ate on the second day and she immediately thrived.
She is now my dustbin snake. By that I mean any food the others wont eat, she will, regardless of when she last ate, any type of food item, and no need to heat the head of the defrosted pray item.
If anything I have to be careful she does not get fat.

Edit: Sorry didn’t realise it was your first post - Hi and welcome to the community.


Prior rehome/rescue fell through, working on another one.

Another question: at roughly what age does the transition from ~20gal to ~40gal size range take place?
The one I am contacting now is in a tub (appears to be appropriately sized) and approx 8 months old. I am pretty dead set on a bioactive set up and don’t want to set up a 20 gal if he’s going to need bigger in a year. I understand they all grow at different rates, just looking for a ballpark