Presentation of me and my few ball Python



OK tell me the morphs, the first one is what I would expect from a good super pastel clown.


No….the pictures are in order as I indicate in the post that didn’t upload

Message me your MorphMarket name. I could then make my wife happy with a nice trip to Venice without her knowing the real reason is getting some of your pretty babies :rofl:

Ahahahaa :joy::joy::joy: you are very nice!!
My MorphMarket name is: Crazy House Reptiles

Followed :slight_smile:

Thank you :blush::wink:

These are some beautiful babies Seba! Thanks so much ascended for asking for the MM name.

(And I’ll sit here in the USA, brokenhearted that I’m not a European. Lol.)


Neither am I (United Kingdom) in europe technically and fanatically after leaving with brexit, (disagree with that) but we both can still all do business with europe. Just costs a little more for you and now me too because of leaving europe :roll_eyes:
Ok a little political, USA is strong because your states are united. Europe is strong for the same reason, The UK chose to get out of that union. Sad, it weakens us being un united.

Welcome to the community! You have a very awesome looking collection :smiley:

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Thank you!! I really appreciate!!

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Update after shed today



Good evening everyone

My eyes lol :joy:. She is gorgeous!

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Hi sebastiano im following you in MorphMarket now. I’ll be a new breeder this year (i Hope) im Vicente, im from spain living in Germany maybe we could make business in future. :wink::wink: Really nice snakes. You gave me a great idea. I’ll introduce myself here like you did, but at first i need to create seller Profil with a market name.