Pretty sure shes going into shed

I’ve only had her a week but she does look duller in color, however shes not in blue yet. So I raised her humidity from 60 to 70-75 just in case and covered her cage so shes calmer and more relaxed hopefully. I last fed her on the 18th, so I didn’t think anything of her being in her hide most the time. But usually she lays her head out to investigate whats going on. Last night I had to remove her from her enclosure to clean and she just seemed like she was not in the mood for ANYTHING (honestly thought she was gonna strike at me, but she hasn’t yet).

Is her belly pink? Usually I see pink belly and a bit of dulling before they go into blue

tbh i dont wanna stress her out by opening the cage and trying to handle her so idk

Ah yeah, I handle my snakes a lot so I usually notice lol.
But yeah, if she’s hiding more and not interested in anything then it’s likely a shed cycle!

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Handling shouldn’t be a problem yet. Blue eyes and partial blindness come later so unless she’s naturaly more strikey don’t worry and take her out. My boy always takes about 2 - 3 weeks to shed and as @trnreptiles said, pink belly is the first sign (among not feeding).

One angle looks pinkish, one doesn’t. Her mood did see a little more relaxed than how she seemed last night. I guess I might have caught her in food mode last night.
image image

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I say wait a few days and check again? That pink coloring comes and goes gradualy so if she refused to eat only 2 days ago it may take a while for her to show anything. Also, just don’t worry. She looks nice round and chubby, a month without eating won’t hurt her at all

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Usually my snakes get more dull before a shed but it can be a really gradual thing starting a few weeks before going into blue. Just be gentle with her, keep an eye on her for going into blue, she’ll do her thing and be just fine.

One thing you can do is offer her a humid hide. I try to put one in all my snakes enclosures when I notice they’re getting ready to shed and it’s a game changer. They’ll use it as they need and have a beautiful shed.


Yea this was posted 9 days ago and her belly is looking more pink so I’m thinking it’s gonna be soon. She still looks dull and her belly scales are catching on my hands more frequently if that makes a difference. She hasn’t gone into blue yet but I will start misting her warm hide for added humidity :blush:


So I started this thread 3weeks ago and I find her like this today! She’s going into blue. I’m so excited!! I was wondering why she was turning down food :joy:

There you go :slight_smile:

Went out to dinner, came home to find she had shed finally :smiley: Eye caps came off, almost a perfect shed, except a small piece left on her tail. Think its so awesome you can see her pattern in the shed, so amazing :heart_eyes: