Prioritize proving out het?

I’ve picked up 5 snakes for a VPI project that I’m planning, one of my females is 66% het for pied. Should I prioritize proving that out during her first season? I think my only real con would be adding one more snake… but is that really a con?

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My OCD says yes you have to prove her out immediately… everything else says follow your heart and anything else is a fun bonus :smile:


Are your VPI visuals? If so I would definitely get a Pied male to try and prove out your het girl. Worst thing you could make double hets if your VPI are visual and that’s always nice to project out.


I always give recessive projects priority and proving poss het always come first in, simply because it takes longer.

This year is the first time that I paired a first timer poss het female to something that would not allow me to prove her out, but it was a calculated move.

I did true ghost x hypo enchi leopard ph pied.

The main reason I did is because I am 99.9% sure she will prove and by doing what I did it will give me huge head start on a triple recessive projects. She will be proven this season.


She is a Leopard Lemonblast 100% het VPI 66% het pied.
My current male is a Banana Spider VPI - all visual.
If I added a pied male, I would get a visual pied het VPI (and cross my fingers to make a visual lightning!)


I would go with a visual Pied male then. And you could always get another dominant trait or 2 in there as well, because male Pieds are pretty affordable these days.
Recessives always hold their value, and double recessives hold value even more. Can’t go wrong with that planning I think.


Officially prioritized! I’ve got a male pied het VPI coming after a few more meals - so excited!!!


So it begins… :crossed_fingers:t2:


IMO proving out a het definitely takes priority. And one more snake is never a con :blush: