Probably a silly question

Hey everyone :wave:

Okay this is probably a silly question, but is it possible for a male and female crestie not be “attracted” to eachother? I have a ready to breed male and female and I added them to the cage together for introductions. For the first hour, they didnt approach eachother. They finally found eachother, touched noses for like 20 minutes. Then the male just walked away. The female would follow, but the male just sat there staring into the cage next door which houses a smaller female. Im wondering if maybe he just isn’t interested, or maybe of they just need more time. Added some photos because they are cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Definitely need more time, esp if first time breeders.

I keep my Geckos together for 4 ISH days. My last pairing… I didn’t even see a lock on 1 set, was thrilled when eggs came :smiling_face:

I’m sure after they have assessed the environment, that they will then address each other.

They might need more coverage though…:rofl:


Awwwww! They are adorable! But maybe @foxreptile suggested, more time and more privacy! :joy:. Especially if it’s their first time!!! :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::thinking:


Okay ill leave for a few more days. They are still together, sleeping pretty close to eachother. Maybe they locked after I left but idk. He was staring at the one next door for a while last night and again this morning :joy::joy:

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You’ve only just got them so I would wait atleast a couple months before introducing. Also it’s end of season now so Infact i would wait til the end of feb now! As they’re stopping laying at this time usually.

Also what’s weights of both?

I keep together for around 3 days.


I didn’t realise they were your new Geckos. If I’d of known I would of suggested quarantine.

You don’t know a Gecko is healthy unless you’ve had them a while!

Yes it’s definitely out of season here in UK, I wasn’t sure if it’s like that everywhere as we get cold winters, others don’t… Or at least don’t for as long as we do :sweat_smile: and some get colder winters :grin:


@ghoulishcresties okay I will separate them for now.

As far as weight, the female is 47 grams and the male is 46 grams.

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@foxreptile yeah, they are my new ones I got last weekend. Both people I got them from said they were ready and proven. Both very reputable around here. But I will separate them for a lil while longer.

We get zero cold winters. Right now the temps here are in the high 90’s with feel like temps of 107° to 113°, its awful. Im wondering if breeding season is different here. My bf that breeds, they stopped for a few months, and just started laying again this month.


Yeah, I’d still recommend keeping them separate for about 3 months before putting them together (although may be worth waiting to Feb by that point). Just incase they are carrying anything. I would also recommend keeping them away from your current Geckos. Different room maybe?

They are still getting use to you and they’re new home /surroundings so explains why they haven’t seemed to interested in each other