Probing female 7 scales

Hi everyone. I recently purchased a 1500 gram female from a new seller here. They seem to be honest . I really don’t do good with popping but I do probe. When I probe I easily get 7 scales. However the seller showed me a pic of her on eggs and I matched the pattern and seems to be her 100% . My question is. Is it possible for a female to probe 7 scales ?


Yes it is possible. Many years ago I picked up a “male” Biak green tree python that I just couldn’t get to lock with any female no matter what I tried…for two years. Finally I put him with another male and they were locked in minutes. SHE was probed at 11 scales on both sides of the tail several times over the period of the two years. I’ve seen much more odd happen.


Wow this answer really helps me a lot . Thank you for sharing your experience !

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