Proving out genes

New to breeding. I have what pet store calls a coral snow. When looking into the genomes there are three possible combinations. How could I figure out which genome combo my girl is?

Posting a picture could help! But coral snow typically means red factor (plus anery and amel for the snow part).


One of the combos listed refers to a hypo strawberry, amel and anery.
Second one refers to a hypo, amel and anery. Third one refers to an amel and anery.

How would i go about figuring out if shes the hypo strawberry or the hypo or just a snow?

Will take one out doors later.

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Pretty snake!

Great question. Let me try and clarify a bit. For starters, all Snows are homozygous Amel + Anery. After that is where it gets confusing.

You’re finding contradictory info because it took a number of years to figure out what genes were causing that that particular look. During the time this was being sussed out, different breeders were establishing lines of snakes showing the trait. For several years it was believed that Hypo was the gene causing the intensification of pink and coral tones. During this time frame, some lines were named “Coral Snow” (other names were put out there, too). We know now that it’s not Hypo, but the internet holds onto old info so you’ll see Hypo listed as part of "Coral Snow. " It is possible that your snake comes from these old Coral Snow bloodlines and shows intense color because of line breeding.

Strawberry is a form of Hypo. Strawberry+Amel+Anery can give you a pink Snow. They’re usually called Strawberry Snow.

This is quite correct and current. (As usual, thanks Olivia!)

You can ask the shop where you got your snake if they have info from the breeder about her genetics. Otherwise, you can find out when you breed her. Red Factor is incomplete dominant so if she had that, she can pass it along and it will show in her offspring when if the sire doesn’t have it. If she’s “coral” because of any of the other things, the sire will need to have complementary genetics for ut to appear in the offspring.

Don’t feel bad if that’s all confusing. It’s a learning curve, for sure!


Ty Caryl that helps a lot. So I could breed her to my opal and if any turn out with pink then shes a red factor, correct? Or should I go with my ghost?

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If you haven’t explored the breeding calculator function here on MorphMarket , you should. I know I spend a lot of time playing with potential combos and dreaming.

For any breeding calculations, start with what you know for certain.
Snow = Amel + Anery. She may have a single Red Factor gene, which is the common current meaning of “Coral.”
Opal = Amel + Lavender.
Ghost = Anery + Hypo.
All babies would be at least Amel het Anery & Lavender with the Opal. With the Ghost they’d be at least Anery het Amel & Hypo. Amel and Anery are very widely distributed. There are several genes in the Hypo complex, again pretty widely distributed. Lavender does pop up at random, although less commonly. (You can play with the calculator for a look at various possibilities. It’s fun!)

Figuring out whether Red Factor (RF) is present in the babies can be challenging. All Amel hatchlings are red, just as all Snow hatchlings are pink. It can be hard to suss out the presence of RF red and pink hatchlings. You may need to keep them for a time and let them grow, let their colors come in more before you can confidently say they’re RF. The easiest of your combo to determine RF/not-RF is probably the Snow and the Ghost, since it can be easier to see RF earlier with Anery. But it also comes down to what you’re excited about producing.