Put off of breeding and selling. Anyone else?

Anyone else dealt with a right ‘twit’ and been put off of breeding and selling?
I have this past week. A gecko died with the courier. I refunded payment today for the gecko (being nice, as others told me I shouldn’t have to at all as not my fault) (wasn’t one of my own I bred, was one we took on last year) and he wanted courier money back which I was trying to sort for him, and have been for the last week. He wanted it couriered, hasn’t used before so I sorted it for him. And as I have done many times over the years for other people. This has resulted in him calling me names through text and threatening court?
Anyone else had a sh**ty dealing and put them off carrying on?
Feel really crap right now and anxiety in the air! I really enjoy doing what I do but it’s people like him that ruin it…

Dang, I’m sorry, that sounds really sucky. It sounds like you are being more than fair!


Well I thought so too, but apparently not.
Shame you get people like that to put you off… :confused:

No matter what you do in life your going to have those people.Didn’t your insurance cover the cost?

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What sort of insurance would cover that?

I haven’t bred my Cresties yet, but that would certainly help.

Also don’t the couriers have at least some of the responsibility as it died in they’re care? I know in UK they should be Defra registered (might of spelt wrong), but what does that mean if they don’t take responsibility?

Ghoulish Cresties- sorry to hear that they aren’t being kind, you seen to have been fair. You’ve refunded the money & your trying to sort courier refund, but that’s not you, that’s the courier company delaying!

This is partly why I have been nervous to breed my reptiles, I’m worried about people being unkind when they really don’t need too

If you don’t want to deal with people, then I wouldn’t breed. It’s part of it. Most people are great tho, but the less than ideal ones are the ones you never forget. Had someone buy a snake at a show, had it for 3 months, then he had a mite infestation and demanded I pay for the PaM and compensation for his time dealing with it… The names I got called when I said that’s not how this works.


See I’m okay dealing with ppl, I just don’t like dealing with mean ppl and that’s what scares me.

But I’m going to try breeding my reptiles for me and if I can’t take the negative comments, then I will stop!

Yeah, just one gotta ruin it.
Haha wow! What a Wally thinking you’d do something that far down the line!
He’s been blocked now for the mean comments so he can’t contact me anymore.
And just sold 2 sisters to someone, they will be couriered this month now through my usual courier.
Lovely guy and even showing me step by step of him making their vivs :sweat_smile: Perked my up a bit!

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I think the main thing is to get back out there and try again.

Then see how you feel.

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You can get around this if you wholesale.

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Nope, even then. While back I wholesaled about 20 snakes to someone, then they came back a month later and wanted a refund for the ones they didn’t sell because they didn’t sell fast enough and he thought they should of been sold by now. Somehow I’m responsible for that?

So you can even deal with ridiculousness then.


If it makes ya feel any better I have purchased 5 snakes from 4 breeders in the last few months without a single issue. Dont let one person ruin it for ya.


What type of snakes did you get man