Quality of life and difficult decisions

It’s a very real possibility. Given I haven’t had issues in the past having reptiles and fish overnighted to me it doesn’t mean that it’s never something that’s going to come up. I work for the USPS and I have coworkers who have worked for UPS and Fed-Ex and sometimes accidents happen, sometimes people send weird stuff that might drip or spill. Also basically the only safeguard is taking someone at their word that they aren’t mailing anything that can potentially be toxic. I’d say a good % of the ground fleets of all these companies do not have air conditioning either. Something as simple as someone stopping for lunch and parking and locking their vehicle in the sun can turn it into a potential oven inside. I also will say this is the first animal I ever had sent directly to my home address. I was there to collect but it was in the truck for a few hours. Needless to say I think I’m just going to stick to having pets sent to hubs/held at post office and picking them up there. Have yet to have an issue that way

Also as an update she sadly passed the day before last. Husband and I buried her in my parents yard next to other pets we’ve lost over the years.

At least she’s no longer suffering and hopefully eating all the mousies she can get and slithering around happily wherever we go from here.


well that really sucks. I’m sorry for your loss.

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Much appreciated.

Also I’ll have to look for the video. And everyone is controversial to somebody out there. God knows according to some of my acquaintances I’m controversial for keeping snakes in the house. Lol. Been trying to change peoples opinions though if they’ll listen. Worked on my dad so far

I’m sorry for your loss. At least she isn’t in pain.

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I’m sorry for your loss :heart:

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I’m sorry to hear that she didn’t pull through. I don’t know anything about the possibility of epilepsy in snakes, but her behavior does sound like seizures of some kind could have been involved. Toxins, heat or cold shock, or a congenital issue strike me as most likely.

My own story of a gecko that makes me closely monitor quality of life.

This reminds me of one of my own neuro babies. My gecko Owen is 15 this year, I hatched her myself. About 2 years ago, I noticed she was having some manner of vestibular trouble/ataxia, though she seemed ‘all there’ mentally. I was heart-broken and assumed she would rapidly decline, but decided to give it a few days to make sure she wasn’t going to recover. And while she didn’t recover, she has only progressed very, very little since then.

I assume she had some sort of stroke or other event. I’ve debated many times if I was doing the right thing by not euthanizing. But she still moves around her cage regularly, albeit slowly, uses her hides, thermoregulates, is mentally aware, and still LOVES to eat. One thing that decided me was that she can, for the most part, shed all her skin all in her own. She also doesn’t display distress while at rest. It’s helped a lot that I’ve stopped feeding her live- I either kill the prey for her, in advance, or offer Grub Pie or Leopa-gel. She’s only recently had to struggle a bit to strike at the tongs, so now I’m hand-feeding her, and she’s honestly doing great with it.

In general, I go with the idea of ‘if you’re genuinely not sure, err on the side of life.’ Your hoggie’s case sounds much more severe, though, so at least now we know she isn’t suffering. RIP little baby :heart:


He talks about it a bit at the beginning of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMy4ZVYxT10&list=PLIXZgmnvg0nD5Oyy6SFTSTs6UmHyRCsVE&index=9
(CW for footage of the bp exhibiting symptoms of neurological damage from overheating)
It’s not quite the same as your experience, but it sounds similar enough that there could be a connection.

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Your mindset seems very similar to mine….thank you; and thank you for sharing your story and Owen is blessed to have you!


I’ll have to watch when I’m off work. Reception here is atrocious. Thanks for the link! :+1:t2: