Question about photo of the month

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I’m confused about what this means on the photo of the month contest. it says dinner time but then it says no feeding pictures. what kind of photo am I supposed to upload then?


It doesn’t break the forum rules to have feeding pictures with an animal eating fruits or insects (just not animals eating other animals). You can be creative with it. As long as it can be interpreted that way it would work (think a gecko licking its nose). That’s just my interpretation, for clarification I’ll tag @lumpy.


Yes @erie-herps is correct it is all about interpretation. As long as there’s no snake feeding pictures eating the likes rats mice and other mammalian species then I would say it’s fine. Just use your best judgment, it truly is a case by case thing.

Sorry @garciademueller for any confusion about this.


You could even fill a cooking pan full of snakes…?
Wrap one up like a burrito…?
Sprinkle some salad on your gecko…?
… who said it needed to be the animals diner time :crazy_face:

Just some non-eating ideas.


I was actually going to make a Kai dinner for a picture