Questions about Breeding and Morphs

Hello and thank you for taking time to help or add to the discussion. If I were to take a Normal male het for Paradox and Anrey and breed him with a similar female will I get some babies that are Paradox, some Anrey, some Paradox Snow, and some Normal DH babies?

I tried working it out on a punnet square and got lost and my head hurt lol. It's been a long time since college. Anyone that can help and drop some knowledge on me I would appreciate it very much.

Hi… Paradox is not genetic. That means you will get normals het. Anery and visual Anerys.

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By pairing Het Paradox Albino Het Anery to another Het Parado Albino Het Anery (or pair a het paradox snow to another) your results would be as followed

1/16 Paradox Snow
3/16 Anery 66% Het Paradox Albino
3/16 Paradox Albino 66% Het Anery
9/16 66% Paradox Snow

Keep in mind that Paradox Albino and Albino are not compatible.

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I don’t think they are talking about ball pythons. I believe they are asking a question about sand boas. correct?

I think there is a paradox gene in sand boas. Don’t quote me.

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Paradox albino is a sand boa morph and is genetic. They are not talking about ball pythons as stated by the categories this is sorted into.


Its funny, I was just talking to a ball python keeper at the pet store I go to about the same thing. As far as I’ve read KSB have two types of Albinism, Albino and Paradox Albino. Thank you very much for the input though. Its something to keep in mind if I keep BP again.

Thank you so much for the break down. That’s about what I thought it would be but need more practice to express it on paper. Throw a stripe or a splash on and ill have the perfect fit for my tastes. I hope that’s allowed so to speak.

:joy:OK… My thought was about boa constrictor but OK you are right. I don’t thought we are talking about sand boas :grin:


It is good to know these things if I start keeping pythons again. Last time I had a ball python was when I was 13 or so.