Questions on new snake

Need feedback on this new male we got. Picked him up last night, the man said straight up he tends to keep them thin. We also got a juvenile female from him who is of a healthy weight.
He was in his water bowl this morning but not seeing any mites. Would love feedback on him.

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While BP rarely soak here are some reasons why they may.


Security, using the water dish because hides are not secure enough (generally seen in hatchlings)


Recent meal that is too large



@stewart_reptiles basically hit the nail on the head but sometimes mine just like to go in the water bowl just cause


Mine has also been known to take a soak every once and a while. Nothing that I see as wrong as long as it isn’t like constant. Also that ball doesn’t look thin to me… Maybe not plump… But certainly not like neglectful thin.


Yeah certainly not emaciated.

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@hhpythons the male doesn’t even look to be “skinny” in my opinion. Some people don’t grow their males over 1000-1200 grams if they are breeding them. Sometimes a very large male will become lazy and refuse to breed. That doesn’t happen always, but it does happen.


I have one who doesn’t :joy: a sugar male that isn’t a strong breeder we cut back on his food because he was our ‘garbage disposal’ that always ate the extra food that we had thawed out. Haven’t tried to breed him again but hopefully with a new lean mean he’ll try to breed :joy:


He was sold to us as a Firefly as well.

That’s a good looking leopard clown right there!


I only do buissness with the best!

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Thank you!