Quite confused is this Ghost or Og?

From banana Ghost x Ghost

Thank you guys.
Thank you for your time. :heart_eyes:


Same thing orange ghost is just a line, NERD line, you will see hypo referred to as ghost and vice versa.

Most commonly work with lines Bell, Nerd, Butterscotch etc are all compatible, however unless you keep track of lineage who knows what line you are working with.


So I can get an orange ghost male for my mimosa girl all the hatchlings will be visual ghost?

You can again most commonly work with lines are compatible only a few are not and you do not come across them very often.


Thank you… I was really wondering about this.

Thank you. Still a bit confusing. So what you are saying is that orange ghost is actualy samw and compatible with ghost/hypo? And this things are the same with axanthic vpi line, tsk line etc?

Most lines of hypo are compatible however when it comes to axanthics none of the line are compatible.