Racks, Cages, Equipment and Supplies Categories

Was thinking it would be great if there was a new categories for things like racks, cages, and accessories. These are things everyone uses and needs. So why not have a place to sell them here?


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Just found this thread -

I know this site generally focuses on the live animal marketplace, for that reason maybe this wouldn’t really fit in?

But I have thought that it might be nice to have a “New/Used Equipment” type section where people could post racks, thermostats, dry goods essentially that they may have available. Again I understand why this category may be better suited to other sites but just an idea.

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I can see new equipment and prominent manufacturers having their own stores, used not so much to me that would cheapen the market place and start giving it a feel of flee market. Just my opinion though.


I would be fearful of that as well, I do understand. Sometimes you know I’ll have a perfectly good extra thermostat etc. laying around and so you consider offering it to someone else. That’s what got me thinking down that path but like you said, probably messy in reality.

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